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Begin Within is a Career Consulting firm for high-performers and rising stars.

We offer career services and resources that throttle careers. 

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USAJOBS.gov Applications

Our Federal Career Packages provide products and services to help you find a position with the Federal Government.

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Our Al la Carte service options allow you to select the single  items you need.

Resume, Cover Letters & LinkedIn

We help you create perfect job application documents that impress recruiters and hiring managers.

Jaime's Book

Find a Federal Job 
Navigate the Labyrinth
Apply with confidence and write a winning resume.

Find A Federal Job

Find a Federal Job 

Apply with confidence and write a winning resume.

A quick and easy guide to find a Federal job.

Discover proven secrets and get a job. 

In this book: 

  • Federal hiring process
  • Resume tips
  • Qualify for the job
  • Interview tips
  • Salary negotiation
  • Career advice
  • Free resume download

Skip the frustration and apply successfully on USAJOBS. Learn about the federal hiring process and federal resume writing techniques. Qualify for the job you want, interview to win and get the salary you deserve.

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Kindle: $9.99

Paperback: $12.99


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Etsy shop resume CV cover letter templates

DIY Resume Template Packages

USAJOBS federal resume templates 

Public and Private Sector Corporate Resume CV Templates 

eBook Guide

Federal templates include Jaime's book: Find a Federal Job.

  • Includes :
    → eBook
    → 1 page resume template
    →2 pages resume template
    → Cover letter template
    →Reference page template
  • EASY to modify... You can change the text, remove objects/sections you don't want and change the colors. If you have problems, ask us for help!
  • Microsoft Word compatible in .docx format.
  • Instant download templates for use with Microsoft Word (newer versions) on PC and Mac. Upon purchase, you'll receive an email notifying you the file is on your Etsy Downloads page.
  • Our aim is to help you be the complete package... on paper, online and in person. 
  • Our templates are designed to look classic and timeless, but also add your personality so you can be an authentic job applicant.

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