Jaime Chapman is the Founder & CEO of Begin Within, a career consulting firm designed to launch the careers of high-performers and rising stars. She has helped thousands of people land their dream position during her tenure an executive career consultant, resume writer and as the Regional Manager of a transitioning military career program. She is a keynote speaker and authored the book Find a Federal Job in 2018.  

Jaime is a proud military spouse and served in the U.S. Army for 6-years. She is a philanthropist and fierce advocate for the military community. She is actively advocating to influence policy to reduce the 30% military spouse unemployment rate. She serves as the Career & Employment Advocate for MSAN-Military Spouse Advocacy Network where she offers career expertise to over 9,000 Active Duty Military Spouses. She is a mentor on Veterati where she provides guidance to veterans and military spouses.

Jaime hosts a career-based radio show that airs live to over 20,000 listeners each week and was recruited to appear as the career advisor on a TV show that will broadcast live to over 400-Million viewers later this year.


You can contact Jaime's blog by going online to http://www.beginwithin.life/blog or searching @beginwithin2016 on your favorite social media.


Jaime offers career and personal development training for your organization, learn to maximize your potential with Jaime's entertaining and memorable delivery.