How Jaime Can Help

The Coach


As the Founder + CEO of Begin Within, Jaime works with high-achieving professionals to land the roles they desire. She also works with forward-thinking organizations to optimize hiring + reduce turnover.

The Author


Jaime's book "Find a Federal Job" is a step by step guide to navigating and landing your perfect job in the government sector.

The Expert


Jaime's unique perspectives and experience lend themselves to being a perfect source for broadcast, digital and traditional media, as well as a captive speaker at events. 

Ask Jaime Anything

Yep. You can ask me anything... 

Preferably it's related to your career and personal development. This is your chance to ask me the questions you've been dying to have answered by an expert. Send your questions straight to my inbox and I'll answer it right here: jchapman@beginwithin.life

There are a few rules:

* I will delete anything inappropriate, vulgar or spammy.

* I receive too many inquiries to answer them all.

* If you don't hear back from me, it's not personal and I still love you <3